Chris Christie OKs Sports Betting in NJ, State Becomes a Little Less Terrible

Finally. Sports betting becomes legal in NJ. Perhaps this will open the eyes of California and the gaming community to open the sport book in casinos. If it is legal to gamble (slot machines, table games, keno, bingo, ect…) then why can’t I in the same building drop a C-note on the Over for the Monday Night Football? So since I can’t now I have to go underground, call Pally who sends Bruiser over to collect…… it would be better for business if I could do all that at Cashe Creek too.


On Monday, Bruce Springsteen fan and bridge-closer Chris Christie made New Jersey only the second state in America, after Nevada, to okay sports betting, apparently in an effort to save the dying paradise of Atlantic City.

Governor Christie, who has been trying to implement the practice in the Garden State for a while now, signed a directive Monday that will make it legal for you to head down the Turnpike and start making money Vegas-style. But the real question is, will it save Atlantic City?

According to statistics, in 2006 AC was making more than $5 billion from casino revenue but by last year that number had fell to $2.9 million, a 44% decrease. Pair that with the announcement this month that the Trump Taj Mahal will close by the end of the year, joining the almost-defunct Showboat and Revel, it appears that the City is in serious jeopardy…

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