Week 7 NFL Picks

I’m not sure why but my posts from the past weeks were not getting published. There were a lot of articles from the past six weeks that are still on my desktop as a draft. Some of them might get posted but most of the others articles are already in the recycle bin.


I make picks on every game every week. The picks that I myself play will be BOLD and any explanation (if any) of that pick will follow.

SF+7: A lot of hype surrounding the anticipated record breaking stats that P. Manning is expected to have. The problem is I think the Niners are going to Denver with the hopes of winning a football game, not to become a side note in Peyton career. The 49ers are still a top ranked defense, their running game is becoming affective and that travels very wellI think there might be a bit of  Denver public love-fest that has to add at least .5  to 1.5 points to the spread. Give Denver the 2.5 to 3 points for being a home team. I would expect a -5.5 spread for this game -7 is too many points for this Sunday Night Game.

CIN+3: The Bengals on the road in Lucas Oil might not sound the same way it might have sounded last season or even at the beginning of this season. I think the public is over valuing the media darling Colts so this is a “fade the public pick”.

WAS-4: Playing in Washington with the back-up Kirk Cousins under center. This is more a question of can Washington get production from Morris, and 2nd half game management from Cousins? I’m not willing to make that bet.

CHI-3: I like Da Bears to cover at home.

JAX+4: It’s better to get points at home than to give.

SEA+6.5: Bounce back game for defending champions against an injury laden division rival.

CAR+7: This pick is more an indictment on GB’s defense than an endorsement of CAR’s offensive output.

ATL+6.5: Give me Matty Ice to keep this one closer than a TD on the road.

BUF-4: I noticed that this number has been raising higher than gas prices during the Summer. Buffalo is as real as they have been in recent years considering they are in a division that has penciled in the winner for most of this century.

NOR+2.5: I am not sold on the Lions yet, and there is a little “fading the public” at work here too with hype over the R. Bush reunion.

KCC+5.5: Kinda surprised the number is this high in this division rivaly matchup. I’ll take the better coach and roster in this one. It should be a great game nonetheless.

NYG v DAL: I wouldn’t touch this one, it feels like a trap game. Normally I would “fade the public” but with NYG giving me less than one good reason to place any money on them I’ll pass.

OAK+4: Carr is looking like a QB that is gaining an understanding of the offense the timing of his receivers and the O-line. Plus I’ll “fade” here and take a “home dog”.

HOU+3.5: They showed last Thursday they can play with the best of them. Pittsburgh has shown me nothing.

These are just my opinions and this opinion is for entertainment purposes only. There is more to sportsbook profiting than picking winners ATS. If you didn’t know that, keep your money in your pocket. I am working on a PDF that should explain the basics of my profitable “Investors” mindset to help you “BEAT UR BOOKIE”



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